Hannah Laine // John Cushing // Lily Talmers

By The Stray, LLC (other events)

Saturday, January 7 2023 6:30 PM 10:00 PM EDT

Doors open at 6:30pm // Performances start at 7pm

Hannah Laine is a musician and vocal empowerment coach from Grand Rapids, Michigan, best known as the vocalist for the Future-Soul band Earth Radio. Hannah began singing and songwriting at a very young age, taking influence from her father who is a singer and guitarist. Throughout her life Hannah has found refuge in singing and songwriting as a way of healing and processing her life experiences. In her early twenties, she began practicing yoga and meditation, which sparked a more integrated connection with her soul and her ability to channel it through her music. Her music is a rich, colorful spectrum that is fierce, ethereal, and explorative. Skilled in piano, vocal improvisation, layering effects, and looping, her abilities to create a soundscape or groovy bop are limitless. 

John Cushing is a Brooklyn based Songwriter who, if not arranging music for a 19-piece Big Band, is still bearing minimal and matter of fact lyrics and grooves but in other smaller forms. You will feel something! It’s a blend of indie and world folk music styles like Jazz and Samba. It is kinda sad, yet very hopeful. In a live setting you will witness music that can make you feel witnessed. In recordings you will find seeds of smiles:

Lily Talmers is a Brooklyn-based artist and band leader of a new age of Americana. Her lyricism draws from heady 60's folk revivalists as Leonard Cohen and Judee Sill, coating Midwestern-accented melodies with intimacy and refined wit. These melodies provide a unique journey into Lily's strange intervallic insides, informing themselves by Greek, Lusophone, and classical music, in addition to the Americana cannons. Her latest record, “Hope is The Whore I Go To” was captured live, full band, and features stylistic nods that unbind genre-- “Hope, You Whore,” a song with Brazilian samba percussive stylings, dramatic strings, and a blaring and layered mariachi horn solo, gives way directly to “Hope is a Human,” a stunning Lily-and-string-quartet moment, You can find her bopping between her home state of Michigan and New York, playing solo and with various ensembles she organizes around her music.