Rusty Vining // Rabbit Fur // Annagail

By The Stray, LLC (other events)

Friday, May 26 2023 6:30 PM 10:00 PM EST

Join us for a night of introspective mixed-genre music from the talented Rusty Vining, Rabbit Fur, and Annagail! This show will be loved by fans of rainy days, musical storytelling, Folk music, string arrangements, Americana, Soft Rock, and the last sip of coffee at the bottom of the mug.

Doors open at 6:30, and performances begin at 7:00.

Our bar will be serving up craft coffee, beer, and wine all night. Our kitchen is open serving dinner from when doors open till 9pm.


Grand Rapids, MI based singer-songwriter, Rusty Vining, has been self-producing, writing, and performing his own material for longer than he’s been legally able to drive.  His catalog includes a wide range of influences and sounds, ranging from the story telling lyricism of artists like Paul Simon and Bruce Springsteen, to the angst of 2000’s punk, to the delicate artistic fluidity of artists like The Arcade Fire.  

Whether performing solo with an acoustic guitar or with a band, his performances are intentionally crafted to tell a story and each one is unique.   


Rebecca Rodriguez and Aaron Ekins are former members of the long running pop band The Icicles. They’ve left pop in the shadows with their new band, Rabbit Fur.

Occasionally joined by Anne LaGrand on cello and Matt Reidsma on mandolin, Rabbit Fur create somber, dark, folk music played with classical guitar, bass, dream like vocals and thoughtful sentiments.

All original songs written by Rabbit Fur.

Sound description:
Classical & acoustic guitar, alternate tunings, bass guitar and vocal harmonies.
Soft sound, intricate notation.

Would be filed under:
Deep dark indie


They’ve always defied and stretched genres, equal parts singer/songwriters and rock band.  Thinking man’s Americana.  Pop for philosophers?  Country for the curious? Rock for the recluse?  Whatever you call them, Annagail weave heartache and hope for the disillusioned.  “Its not uncommon for me to listen to The Cure and Steve Earl back to back…before breakfast,” Jared has said of their fluid style. 

8 albums deep, a blend of courage and frailty are embraced and they’re proud of both.  2021 brought two new albums, ‘Home’ and “Baby, It’s You.” As the world entered the pandemic, Annagail embraced the dread of the unknown and paradox of studio solace afforded by quarantine.  From lush strings, pianos, searing guitar solos and vocals fit to weep over – to a lonely harmonica accompanied by delicate fingerpicking and accordion.

A live abum, recorded at the famed listening room, Seven Steps Up drops soon and they recently released a 40 minute documentary chronicling their last 2 decades as a band and making of the album ‘Home.’  

Their EP, The Cabin Sessions, produced and recorded with Nashville hit-maker Keith Follese’ (Lady Antebellum, Faith Hill, Katy Perry, Emerson Drive) is a glimpse into the influences of their songs. Electronic flourishes meet undeniable rootsy hooks.  On numerous compilations and even a feature film soundtrack (‘Decision’ starring CCM vocalist Natalie Grant and country artist, Billy Dean) they’re an established act having weathered records deals, touring, airplay as well as playing all over West Michigan.  Opening for YAM Haus, Plumb, Pillar, Bleach, Superhero, Jason Ingram, Satellite Soul, The Appleseed Cast, Waterdeep, Christopher Williams, Jennifer Knapp, Ellery, VOTA, Valentiger and many others.

Annagail desires to create meaningful moments. “The gig doesn’t validate us,” says Jennifer. “Sharing what we’re compelled to do and what makes us feel alive is the motivation.”